DeepPACS™ Medical Image AI-Service Platform


The seamless medical image AI service platform, which integrates with DeepXray™ Coxa and DeepXray™ Genu.


The seamless medical image plafrom AI service platform, which integrated with DeepXray™ Coxa andDeepXray™ Genu.

* Klibanski A, Adams-Campbell L, Bassford TL, Blair SN, Boden SD, Dickersin K, Gifford DR, Glasse L, Goldring SR, Hruska K. Osteoporosis prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. J Am Med Assoc. 2001;285(6):785–795.

0 %
died within 1 year after hip fracture
1 %
of patients undiagnised or not treated in USA
> 0 Billion
spent on Osteoporosis related bone breaks


Limited Accessibility

Medical images are stored locally and can only be viewed on clinic desktops via outdated applications with limited multitasking capabilities and bad usability.

Redundant Workflow

Multiple and repetitive manual tasks are required in medical image-related workflows, which decrease workflow efficiency dramatically.

Low Compatibility with New Tech

The low compatibility with AI and possibilities for advanced data analysis are major drawbacks of using outdated PACS.



Next-Generation Medical Image AI Server

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