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Affordable Smart Precision Care Serving Aging Society

Growing aging population, and its concomitant chronic diseases, has become a global issue. US CDC data shows chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability, accounting for 75% of total medical expenditure. WHO data shows the most prevailing chronic disease are cardiovascular diseases (costs US$200 billion per year in US) with chronic bone diseases (osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, costs US$80 billion per year in US) come in second.

Existing precision care devices are too costly and complex to meet this massive demand of aging society. With the aids of AI and data analytics, AIM’s solution offers affordable and easy access to precision care of most prevailing chronic diseases utilizing widely available Xray and ultrasound for pervasive large-scale deployment.

AIM focuses on affordable and easy access to early preventive detection, precision diagnosis and automated monitoring of prevailing chronic diseases at vast installations of points-of-care with the aids of AI and data analytics.



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