DeepXray™ Coxa The AI Expert of Osteoporosis

DeepXray™ COXA

It is estimated that 1/3 women and 1/5 men over the age of 50 suffer osteoporotic fractures

* Klibanski A, Adams-Campbell L, Bassford TL, Blair SN, Boden SD, Dickersin K, Gifford DR, Glasse L, Goldring SR, Hruska K. Osteoporosis prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. J Am Med Assoc. 2001;285(6):785–795.

0 %
died within 1 year after hip fracture
1 %
of patients undiagnosed or
not treated in USA
> 0 bn
spent on osteoporosis related bone breaks


Low awareness, before too late

No/little symptoms or pains before serious fracture, hence low patient awareness for early preventive treatment.

Low availability of precision modality

DXA modality requires dedicated room service, less available on point-of-care and more costly to operate, while QUS is lack of clinical precision.

High costs of precision diagnosis

Subject to insurance coverage, DXA exam costs could be too high to patients, which is not practical for screening of early Osteoporosis prevention and progression monitoring.


DeepXray™ Coxa

AI-assisted diagnosis system using
X-rays for precision diagnosis and automated monitoring of osteoporosis.

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